Women in Clinical Trials

Men and women can be affected differently by medications. Learn how you can participate.

Who is Covance-LabCorp?

Covance is the drug development business of LabCorp. Not only does Covance conduct clinical studies in healthy volunteers and patients, but we also offer laboratory testing, clinical trial management services, and are a market leader in toxicology services.

What Is Our Vision?

Our vision is to be recognized as the leader in drug development and to bring innovative treatments to patients sooner. We are dedicated to advancing healthcare and delivering the highest quality data for each patient and client. We are committed to making a positive difference in our global community by improving lives through science, while working toward a healthier, safer, and cleaner world.

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What Are Our Different Accomplishments?

We’ve conducted research studies for over 35 years and we make your comfort and safety our priority. We have helped leading pharmaceutical companies develop 100% of the top 50 prescription drug treatments on the market today.  Covance also has a Charitable Foundation that continues to change thousands of lives of Rwanda’s most vulnerable children and their families through food, education, housing and economic growth programs.

Why Are Women Needed For Clinical Trials?

Men and women can be affected differently by medications and can have different side effects. In addition, a woman’s body can make a difference in how drugs and devices operate. These are important factors to consider when developing new treatments.  By participating in clinical trials, you can help improve healthcare for all women!  For more information visit:

What We Do & Why We Need Help

At our Covance Clinical Research Units in Dallas, Daytona Beach & Madison, we conduct phase 1 clinical research studies. A clinical research study is used to test new drugs and new uses for existing drugs. At our research clinics, we work with some of the world’s leading companies on studies to answer questions like: How is a drug absorbed into the body? How does a drug react to other medications? How is a drug affected by food? Clinical research studies also include devices, vaccines and products to test safety and effectiveness.

Many people wonder why we need healthy volunteers to participate in a clinical trial- it’s commonly misunderstood. Healthy people are needed for each trial to gather the data on safety and tolerability of the study treatment prior to giving it to the target patient population. With many of the misconceptions about clinical research, it’s more difficult to find the healthy population that we so desperately need. It is our job to educate the community and put every volunteer’s safety above all else.

Thank You

We want to thank our loyal volunteers who have helped us in our journey so far- we couldn’t do what we do without you!  You truly are the backbone of our research studies and we appreciate your willingness to contribute to the future of medical research by participating.


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