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Every day thousands of people like you take part in clinical studies.  When you participate in our paid clinical research studies, you’re helping us find new medical treatments.  We’re looking for both healthy men and women and those with conditions such asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more.

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Use our clinical research study search tool to find a clinical trial that’s taking place now.  Or call us at 0113 394 5200 and we’ll send you alerts when new studies start that match your needs.

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What to Expect

Thinking about participating? Here’s what you can expect.

If you’re thinking of taking part in clinical research, you’re bound to have questions about what’s involved. Click on any the links below to learn more about participating.

Will I be Paid?
People just like you are compensated every day for their time and participation. Here’s how it works.

Participant Feedback.
Every day, you inspire us to make your clinical study experience even better. After each study we ask for your feedback so we can continue to improve your stay with us. Hear from some of our study participants.

Visit Checklist.
Wondering what happens once you’re registered for an appointment at the clinic? Here's what to expect.

A Participant’s Guide to Clinical Trials.
There are several steps involved in taking part in clinical research. This guide will help you understand the process and set your mind at ease.


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