What to Expect: Clinical Trials Payment

You will be paid for your time volunteering in clinical trials. Here's how it works.

You will be paid for your time and participation in the study. Compensation is based on the length of the study, the number of overnight stays in our clinic, and the number of outpatient visits you attend.

Browse a list of our current studies and the payment details for each. Call us at 866-429-3700 to see if you're eligible.

The amount paid for participating in a clinical trial varies from study to study. Some range in the hundreds of dollars while others pay thousands of dollars.

For more information, browse a list of our current studies to learn the payment details for each trial. 

Payment details will be discussed with your clinical study team at your first visit. We offer payment by check and direct deposit.

After you've finished a clinical trial, you usually must take a 1-3 month break. The length of time depends on requirements for the study you would like to enroll in next. If you have questions about your eligibility for a trial, please call us at 866-429-3700. After that, you're free to apply for another clinical trial.

Our studies last anywhere from 2 days to 3 months, and sometimes longer. They can involve staying overnight in our clinic, outpatient visits to our clinic or a combination of both.

Will I be Paid?